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Patrick Bauer is a happy Race Director. “We were lucky to have had exceptional weather without any wind, in contrast to last week where a storm stirred up winds in excess of 100km/hr. At the finish and throughout the past week, I’ve seen happy people. The most striking thing about this edition is the spirit that reigned over this race, with a flawless communion between all the different protagonists, whether it be runners, volunteers, doctors, the Moroccans who pitch the tents or the chauffeurs, there is a cohesion between us all. This was a fantastic edition. The amount of positive energy that was given off was crazy. And for me, that’s what you need to refer to when you’re talking about an event, something that inspires rather than the figures. 

In sporting terms, there were more retirements than usual. However, we had warned people that we’d be attacking hard from the outset. The first stages were demanding and there wasn’t the time to acclimatise. You had to be ready. It’s a reminder that the SULTAN MARATHON DES SABLES is a sporting event and not a hike across the desert. You have to be prepared when you arrive. Those that aren’t won’t make it through. With the 29th edition barely complete, already the prospect of the 30th is taking shape. “The dates haven’t yet been finalised but it will be during the first fortnight in April, Patrick Bauer says. The expectations are high for this 30th edition. Together we’re going to organise this next meeting quickly. The registrations will be open in May 2014. As with this 2014 edition, these will be exclusively done online on the internet.” Roll on the 30th!