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Maximum authorised time : 10.30

Etape 3dzKm 0 : Go S/SW (course 195°) on flat, slightly stony terrain.

Km 2,7 : Hilly, stony terrain.

Km 3,7 : Touh Ilh Jebel to the right. Go S/W (course 221°) until CP1.
Sandy passage then variably stony terrain.

Km 5,4 : Sandy terrain, sand mounds with camel grass then small dunes. Stay on course.

Km 7,7 : Enter dunes. Take course 221° until CP1.

Km 10,6 : CP1 at dune exit. Go W/SW (course 253°) to follow large dunes on the right-hand side. Sandy, rolling terrain.

Km 14,8 : Sand ends. Go West (course 264°) until km 17.1. Variably stony terrain.

Km 17,1 : Start of climb up Foum Al Opath Jebel (average slope: 12%). Rocky gorge.

Km 18,2 : Jebel summit. Go West (course 277°) until CP2. Sandy descent.

Km 20,4 : Enter dunes. Take direction 277°.

Km 23,5 : CP2 at dune exit. Go N/W (course 325°). Variably stony terrain.

Km 23,9 : Take direction 325° and cross dunes.

Km 26,9 : End of dunes. Go N/W (course 312°) until km 27.5. Stony terrain.

Km 27,5 : End of stony terrain. General direction North (course 356°) until CP3.
Follow marking to keep Rheris Oued on the left. Oued vegetation and dirt track.

Km 32,5 : CP3 at foot of a hillock. Stay on course (course 357°) until Ba Hallou ruins, leaving Rheris Oued
to the left.

Km 35,6 : Ba Hallou ruins. Same direction. Sandy terrain, small dunes and camel grass.

Km 37,5 : B3 finish line.

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