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1st group departs: 9H00 - 2nd group departs: 12H00
CP3 closure: + 11H00
CP4 closure: + 16H00
CP6 closure: + 30H00

Etape 4dazKm 0 : Follow markings to keep very stony terrain on the right.

Km 3 : Cross small sparse dunes for 1.6 km. Then flat terrain with small stones.

Km 6,8 : Cross Rheris Oued. Loose soil, oued vegetation and small dunes.

Km 8,3 : End of oued, keeping oued to the right go N/NO.

Km 9,7 : CP1. Go SW (course 217°) for difficult climb up El Otfal Jebel.
12% average slope up to summit, then 30% for the last 500m.
Climb alternating rock and sand.

Km 11,7 : Summit. Panoramic view. Turn left.

Km 11,8 : Turn right.

Km 11,9 : Rocky oued bed. Descent.

Km 13,2 : End of descent down oued bed. Cross very stony plain.

Km 14,3 : Enter dunes. Take direction 215°.

Km 15,6 : Exit dunes. Go South (course 184°) until CP2. Flat, slightly stony terrain.

Km 21,3 : CP2 on small hill. Continue South (course 177°) until km 24.7. Flat, few stones.

Km 24,7 : Rocky peak to the left. Terrain more stony.

Km 26,4 : Well to the left. El Maharch Pass. Sandy.

Km 29 : End of pass. Go S/SW (course 195°), cross dry lake.

Km 32 : CP3 at end of lake. Small ascending gorge.

Etape 4dbzKm 32,5 : Sandy summit. Descent then stony valley.

Km 33,2 : Sandy passage through slightly hilly area.
Go South (course 174°). Deceptive ascending slope, sandy.

Km 34,7 : Sandy descent.

Km 35,3 : Bottom of descent. Go W/SW (course 250°) until km 39.7.
Alternating stony and sandy terrain.

Km 38,8 : Small hill. Sandy ascending terrain.

Km 39,7 : Climb up Mhadid Al Elahau Jebel (13% slope).
Go along crest looking over 2 valleys, one on each side.

Km 41,9 : End of crest, turn left, sandy descent.

Km 42,2 : Valley. Go West (course 263°). Sandy ascent.

Km 43,3 : End of ascent. Go W/SW (course 257°) until CP 4. Sandy descent.

Km 45,3 : CP4 in valley. Go West (course 260°) until CP5.
Succession of oued beds with vegetation and slightly stony terrains.

Etape 4dczKm 51,6 : Hill and military post to the right. Less sandy then small stones.

Km 55,3 : Taourirt Mouchanne Jebel to the right. Terrain increasingly stony.

Km 58,1 : CP5. Go West (course 281°) along the Mouchanne to the right.

Km 60,5 : Mouchanne ends, passage through small dunes. Go N/W (course 311°). Stony terrain.

Km 61,6 : House to the right. Stay on course (course 310°) until large fallen tree.

Km 62,7 : Crevices and uneven dirt track. Stay on 310°.

Km 63,6 : Large fallen tree. Go N/W (course 307°) until bed of Bou Khechba Oued.
Stony terrain then dirt track and small dunes.

Km 66,2 : Enter the oued. Turn left, general direction W/NW (course 283°).
Sandy oued bed lined with trees.

Km 67,4 : Follow oued to the right.

Km 69,7 : CP6 in the oued. Stay in oued, general direction W/NW (course 296°) until km 76.5.

Km 74,3 : Well.

Km 76,5 : Leave oued on the right side, direction N/NW (course 333°).
Row of small dunes then plain with small stones up to bivouac.

Km 81,5 : B4 finish line


 Etape 4z