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Maximum authorised time : 10.00

Etape 1dzKm 0 : Go E/SE (course 117°) until km 3.

Km 2,2 : Pass through a small valley.

Km 3 : Enter dunes of Chebbi Erg. Take course 127° up to CP1.

Km 15 : CP1 at exit of dunes. Roughly follow oued to avoid vegetation.
General direction South (191°) up to km 21. Sandy with small dunes and camel grass.

Km 21 : Leave oued. Fairly stony, uneven plateau up to km 25. Go South (184°) until km 24.2.

Km 24,2 : Enter old village of M’Fiss. Rocky climb up to mines.

Km 25,8 : CP2 800 m after mines. Go South and cross a fairly hilly terrain to reach sandy passage in a jebel.

Km 27,2 : Sandy passage in jebel. Go S/SE (153°) to cross a stony valley and go up a small gorge.

Km 28,1 : Summit of small gorge, turn E/SE (126°) and cross a stony plateau.

Km 28,8 : Follow Roub’in Oud Oued, which descends the small gorge.

Km 30,2 : End of sandy oued.

Km 31 : Enter dunes of Znaïgui Erg. Go 134° (S/E) until bivouac.

Km 34 : B1 finish line.

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