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Temps maximal autorisé : 11H00 / Maximum authorised time : 11.00

Etape 2dazKm 0 : Take general direction S/SW (course 218°) until km 5.7.

Km 0,9 : Rare small dunes becoming denser.

Km 4,2 : Hill to the right. Flat terrain.

Km 4,7 : Small dunes of Beg’a Oued. Follow markings to avoid crops.

Km 5,7 : Exit oued. Slightly stony plateau. Go S/W (course 233°) until CP1.

Km 10,9 : Cross oued. Sand mounds and camel grass.

Km 11,5 : CP1 to the left of a row of trees. Go W/NW (course 294°).

Km 12,3 : Cross a large track.

Km 13 : Hill and old village of Taouz to the left.

Km 14,8 : Turn left direction W/SW (course 246°) and go along Ziz Oued to the right with Kfiroun Jebel
to the left. Fairly uneven dirt track.

Etape 2dbzKm 18,9 : General course 281° to CP2. Cross crevice of Ziz Oued. Go W/NW (course 295°).
Uneven dirt track.

Km 20,6 : End of rough terrain. Go W/NW (course 286°) and cross succession of small sandy valleys and stony plateaus.

Km 23 : Rocky peak to the left. Continue on stony plateau direction West (course 277°) until CP2.

Km 24,6 : Enter small dunes. Course 277°.

Km 26 : CP2 at exit of small dunes. Go S/SW (course 214°) on flat, slightly stony terrain.

Km 28,3 : Cross Outanouel Oued. Sand mounds and camel grass.

Km 29,2 : Oued ends. Go S/SW (course 211°) until km 32.5.
Flat, slightly stony terrain with sparse small dunes.

Km 32,5 : Climb to village of Jdaid from by the well.
Same direction (course 210°) until CP3. Ascending, stony terrain.

Km 34,1 : CP3 before climbing El Abeth Jebel (15% slope).

Km 34,6 : Sandy summit of El Abeth Jebel. Descend S/W (course 231°), sandy and increasingly stony.

Km 36 : Follow oued bed to avoid rocky terrain.

Km 37,3 : Leave oued to the right, direction West (course 264°). Stony terrain.

Km 38,4 : Passage through very small gorge, then go West (course 268°) and cross small hill. Stony.

Km 39 : Passage through hilly area. Go W/NW (course 285°) until bivouac. Terrain less and less stony.

Km 41 : B2 finish line.

Etape 2z