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Danny Kendall (D676-GBR)


Briton Danny Kendall (GBR) 676 is back to compete in his sixth Marathon des Sables this year and he’s gunning for the top ten again after a fabulous 10th place last year, which earned him the enviable title of the highest placed Briton of all time in this race. If his training and relaxed manner is anything to go by, we’re in for an exciting few days, eyes fixed on the position reports. Already this year he has secured a 2nd place in the 45-mile Country to Capital, 2nd place in the 66-mile Pilgrim’s Challenge, which spans 2 days and 1st place in the Steyning Stinger Marathon. His PB for a marathon run stands at 2:37:41 set late last year and he completed the 168km UTMB in late August 2013 in 121st place and a time of just over 30 hours. Alongside the running, Danny has also been spending some time at the KUSNH Consultancy’s state of the art heat chamber and going on training weekends with the likes of Antonio Filippo Salaris and friends.

“After coming 10th last year I’d be happy with single digits this time! Essentially I’ve done 6 months solid training, though it hasn’t been specific to the MDS. I’ve been doing a lot of cross-country, as running in the mud isn’t dissimilar to sand, 10Ks, 5Ks, half marathons, off-roading, a bit of everything. I’m a lot fitter than I was for last year’s event. The Merzouga dunes will be interesting with a heavy pack! The level of the pretenders for the top 10 is similar to last year. We don’t have the Akhdar brothers this year and Miguel Heres is injured but Damien Vierdet (4th in the MDS) is back and there is a whole bunch of people taking part in the UTWT. The top 5 are particularly competitive so as the event progresses I’ll just concentrate on rolling with it and keep on grinding away.” After the 2nd day, Danny is lying in 5th place overall 25’29” behind leader Rachid Elmorabity.