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Nicholas SWIFT (GBR-D493) 

humanity-Nick-Swift-photoMy name is Nick Swift and I have decided to run the MDS to raise money for three people on the Humanity Direct website. One is in Somaliland, the independent country north of Somalia, and the other two are in Uganda. All are in need of life changing operations, that would be done by the NHS in the UK at the drop of a hat. But in Africa there is no safety net, and these three people are unable to raise the money and are suffering . I thought I would do my own bit of suffering on their behalf, and hopefully make their lives easier as a result.

logoHumanity Direct is a registered charity that partners with medical clinics in developing countries to help perform life-changing surgeries for people short of funds.

It is innovative in three ways.

Firstly, you get to choose the person you want to help. Secondly, all the money you raise goes to the person you choose, as all administrative expenses are raised separately. Thirdly, you get a video from the surgeon or the recipient after the surgery is performed, to give you feedback on how your donation has made a difference.