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Stage n°4: The fine comeback by Salameh Al Aqra

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As is often the case in the SULTAN MARATHON DES SABLES, the long stage has been a source of surprise and emotion. Naturally there was a large welcoming committee on the finish line this Wednesday to greet the winner of today’s stage, Salameh Al Aqra. The Jordanian, slightly behind, ran the perfect race at a good lick, to get ahead of his great rival Moroccan Rachid El Morabity by over twenty minutes, in 2nd. “I’m very happy to have won today. It was very difficult, but I didn’t seek to run a tactical race, I just wanted to secure victory,” Salameh Al Aqra admitted before heading off to get some rest. Behind him, Rachid El Morabity said he was satisfied not to have committed the same errors as in the past: “I preferred to play a tactical game today by letting Salameh get past as I knew I had a lead in the overall ranking”. In third place, Portuguese runner, Carlos Sa is doubtless the great surprise of this leg. “Today was spectacular and it’s doubtless one of the most beautiful long stages in the MARATHON DES SABLES”. Briton Danny Kendall secured 6th place in the 81.5km leg today in a time of 08:04 hours, 50 minutes behind the leader. Exhausted but perfectly lucid, Danny had been pushing it hard today. “It was tough! I struggled on the last bit. I was feeling sick. I felt good early on, up in 3rd place and then I started suffering from stomach problems. It was the heat and the food that tipped me over the edge. When it started getting cooler it took me a while to cool down but I’ll be good for the next leg.” Overall Danny is lying 01:13:54 behind the leader overall.

4th LEG


1. Salameh Al Aqra (JOR) 7h14’00’’
2. Rachid El Morabity (MAR), 23’18’’ behind
3. Carlos Sa (POR), 26’19’’ behind

6. Danny Kendall (GBR), 50’00”



1. Rachid El Morabity (MAR), 16h53’55
2. Salameh Al Aqra (JOR), 9’24’’ behind
3. Mohamad Ahansal (MAR), 20’22’’ behind

6. Danny Kendall (GBR), 01h13:54 behind