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Reactions to the long stage

Guillaume Charbonneau (76, France): I don’t know how come I’m feeling so ok. On Monday morning, I wanted to pull out, and here I am, in the top 60! Unbelievable. But it’s been tough. This stage has been very tough.

Albert Marques (234, France): It is a horrid stage. I’m not sure it’s 80km long, nor even 82 km long. I think it’s much longer than that. I’m happy to be done with it. The hardest is behind me now. I can see the end of the tunnel. But I’m utterly exhausted.

Armand Asli (291, France): I wanted to complete the stage by midnight. It’s 11pm: I pulled it off. But Gosh, was it hard! My whole body’s in pain and I think I’ll sleep well at last. Now I think we’ve done the hardest part, even if there are two stages left.  

Valérie Lacarrière (418, France): I had under-estimated this stage. The first three hadn’t been too difficult, but this, well, this was tough. Especially all these dunes. We completed it in 14h30min, I can be proud of that. And now, I’m going to rest until Friday.

Christophe Dussart (36, France) : The sheer length of the stage made it difficult but the heat made it worse. Between 11am and 4pm, I thought I was going to die! Then it got cloudy and the temperature dropped by 8°C and things became much more manageable.

Yannick Dorle (193, France) : I thought it would never end. I kept feeling sick between CP 4 and CP 5, which made it even harder. I’m so happy it’s over. Two stages to go, but the hardest is behind.

Cédric Maitrepierre (400, France) : It was courage that got me through. And the Docs, who do an amazing job. If I make it to the finish line on Saturday, I will owe it to my mental strength and to the Docs. To think Idon’t particularly like the sun… I’m looking forward to seeing Merzouga.

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