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Operation keep the desert clean

Environmental protection is part of SULTAN MARATHON DES SABLES’ ethics, translated through several practical actions:
              • documents printed on recycled paper,
              • ban on throwing numbered bottles and miscellaneous packaging on the course, with penalties imposed,
              • use of ecological bin bags,
              • waste collection and destruction,
              • self-combustion incinerator to destroy waste,
              • installation of very efficient, fully hygenic dry toilets

Ever keen to respect the environment all bottles have been numbered since edition 3 and penalties levied on competitors if their bottles are found
on the race route, between start of race and finish line check-in point (ART. 27 and 28)

In addition, the SULTAN MARATHON DES SABLES is once more calling up the services of an incinerator lorry. Aimed at destroying waste created by  runners, the lorry is equipped with an auto combustion furnace, capable of burning not just organic matter but plastic and light metal.
Several kilos of ashes are collected at the end of the race, corresponding to the daily waste of more than 1,300 people.
Since 2007, GTR Maroc is in charge of transporting the incinerator furnace weighing  8.5 T.

Portable ashtrays are distributed during the race. Remember a cigarette butt left in the desert takes 2 years to fully degrade.

The Earth does not belong to us, we leave it to our children”.


• Over 25 000 euros spent on carbon compensation.
• Complete renovation of a water conveyance system for 150 villagers living in Taright (running water). Water meters were fitted to finance maintenance.
• Solar water heater fitted at a health clinic in the small village of Jdaid.

Targets for 2012

• Install a solar pump on the well of Naam Oued near Mhamid. This guarded site will serve the region’s nomads and their herds.
• Create a ford on the Rheris Oued. This significant construction will link several villages by allowing vehicles to cross the river safely.


Decreasing the volume of waste

Everybody is asked to contribute: runners and organisers are encouraged to compress their mineral water bottles to reduce the volume of rubbish in the bins.
This is a gesture of solidarity and ecological awareness. This simple action could reduce the number of bin bags to be collected threefold.
This will make work less arduous for the teams in charge of this task and avoid the incessant circulation of vehicles around the bivouac. T
his ecological gesture requires no effort.

All you need to do is empty your bottle completely, unscrew the top and push on each end before throwing it into the containers situated at the CP exits
or the bags fastened to each tent.

Thank you in advance on behalf of the people who will work to keep the desert clean.




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