Spieren voor Spieren

Rutger Smit

Country: Netherlands


Age: 38


Personal website project: https://www.sportenvoorspieren.nl/actie/rutger-smit


Few words about yourself:

 Rutger is an ultra runner looking for adventures. running a marathon is nice, running the Marathon des Sables is the ultimate.


Association name: Spieren voor Spieren


Association description:

 Stichting Spieren voor Spieren is a Dutch organisation that raises money for children with a muscle disease like duchenne, FSHD and SMD. The funds go to research and events for children.


Association website: https://www.spierenvoorspieren.nl


How to donate to the association: Go to https://www.sportenvoorspieren.nl/actie/rutger-smit and donate safe, secure and anonymous (if desired). The money goes directly to the organisation.