Dreams Come True

Jakob Bloch

Last participations: 31st MDS 2016

Country: Great Britain

Age: 45



Personal website project: http://www.commodity.global/ultra


Few words about yourself:

 In addition to my day job as CEO and Talent Advisor to the Commodity markets, I devote my endurance runs to raising money and awareness for British children’s charity Dreams Come True, which works to enrich the lives of youngsters who have serious and life-limiting health conditions. Having already completed the MDS 2016 in Morocco, I am looking forward to a new adventure in Peru and another chance to do my bit to put a smile on the faces of some thoroughly deserving children.


Association name: Dreams Come True


Association description:

 Dreams Come True is a UK charity that helps children and young people with serious and life-limiting medical conditions. Its highly experienced team works hard to ensure that every child has an unforgettable experience fulfilling their dream, with long-lasting memories to share with families, loved ones and friends. Each dream is unique. Some want to meet their idol or favourite Disney character while others want to visit their grandparents abroad or swim with dolphins. However, all share the same aim – to bring a moment of joy to the difficult lives of some very brave young individuals.


Association website: http://www.dreamscometrue.uk.com


How to donate to the association: Donate to the charity via: www.commodity.global/donate