Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation

Adelaide Katerine Tarpan

Last participations: Half Marathon des Sables Fuerteventura


Country: Romania


Age: 43



Personal website project:


Few words about yourself:

 I am an enthusiast slow runner an NGO professional passionate about improving the life of people in need, a volunteer person always looking for new challenges and goals.


Association name: Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation


Association description:

 Since the beginning, in 1991, we work to improve the quality of life for children and young people affected by chronic diseases who are at risk of social exclusion. We fulfill this goal by offering medical, psychological, social and material support and through developing networks, training courses, research, campaigns and advocacy programs, in partnership with public authorities, private companies, non-governmental organizations and individuals.


Association website:


How to donate to the association: You can donate for our community projects run by young volunteers using the Galantom link or you can donate directly on RAA web page for our projects addressed to children with autism spectrum disorder of for people affected by Tuberculosis