MARATHON DES SABLES is a race like none other. It requires rigorous training to endure the considerable physical requirements, but nothing can prepare you for the intensity of the sharing and emotions! Naturally, most people want to remember and prolong that magnificent feeling of belonging to a great family of desert and running fans! WAA discovered these amazing emotions on the 24th MDS and since then has been working with Cimbaly International to create a range of products so that competitors can take a slice of the MARATHON DES SABLES dream back home with them. After 2 years of research and development, the dream took shape as the exclusive MARATHON DES SABLES ULTRABAG by WAA, especially developed to correspond to the race requirements and much more...


More products followed to support runners with specially designed MARATHON DES SABLES equipment that is compatible with extreme conditions. 
WAA’s knowledge of ultras means that they have a different approach to race merchandising, with a range developed by runners for runners!