"I made new friends, crazy like me"

Anne BONZOUMET will have the pleasure of taking the departure of her 8th MARATHON DES SABLES on April 7th. At 68, this French will be the oldest woman of the 34th MDS. However, she was not really bornt to practice running: "Child I did not do sports. I started a long time ago, as a young adult, and I tasted to run a little by chance. My level is average, and with the years it weakens, but my only objective is to finish the race, and especially to get in shape to continue without being hurt and to be able to run again and again. "


Why will she come to this legendary event for the 8th time? "Nothing can replace it, nothing equals it. Many copy it but nothing helps. It lacks the soul of the desert of Morocco. And then the MDS is Patrick Bauer. When you have traveled a lot around the world and have seen a lot of difficulties, you realize that you are the happiest person to be here today, ready to start the MDS. "


So again, Anne will leave her cozy house near the forest, about fifty kilometers from Paris, to cross the Sahara. Once again, she registered alone, not having in her circle of friends people enough "nuts" to participate: "I sign up for the MDS alone. My friends dream but do not dare to take the plunge. All the races I did, I did them alone; they treat me a little crazy. So with social networks, I made new friends, nuts like me, with the same desires, the same ideas of race, the same difficulties to make shopping choices because there are many..."


For Anne, the MDS is really an opportunity to meet incredible profiles that "normal" life could never have revealed: "I've done the MDS 7 times in recent years, we meet completely crazy people, inhabited by an almost divine light, which makes them hold up to the finish line. "