'I wanted to prove to myself that I can always explore new sensations.'


The list of registrants for the HALF MARATHON DES SABLES FUERTEVENTURA features people from all walks of life: non-athletic people looking to challenge themselves, CrossFitters, marathon runners, Ultra Trailers, MDS MAROC competitors wishing to discover another desert, and triathletes. Miguel BOSCH MERINO is among the latter. Having finished five IRONMAN triathlons (3.8 km of swimming, 180 km of cycling and 42,195 km of running) and a slew of half IRONMAN triathlons, he can undoubtedly be said to love a threefold challenge.


Yet, Miguel's no purist: he enjoys trying out new experiences like the HALF MDS FUERTEVENTURA. 'I wanted to prove to myself that I can always explore new sensations,' he says. 'My goal in Fuerteventura is to finish with a smile on my face.' A smile like the one that he's flashing in finish photos from his races — both IRONMAN triathlons and foot races. Indeed, Miguel has taken part in a 'dry' marathon (not done as part of a triathlon), many half-marathons and even El Cruce Columbia, a three-stage, 100-km race in Patagonia.


As for the MDS, 'it's always been one of the things that I had to do one day. But the race's distance and configuration are a little frightening.' Given that it involves seven days of self-sufficiency and a rudimentary encampment in the heart of a desert with a reputation for being hostile, Miguel figures that it would be better to tackle the HALF MDS to ensure that he will succeed when he makes a run for his Moroccan medal. Good call!


Like most triathletes, Miguel trains hard. He swims, cycles and runs 10 hours a week. At the same time, of course, he attends to his family life and his work. 'I've been married to Carolina for eight years. We have two children, Maria Carolina (age four) and Miguel (age two). I work in construction, so I spend a great deal of time outdoors.' The BOSCH MERINO residence is a thousand leagues away from the arid deserts that make the MDS what it is: 'We live in Villahermosa, Tabasco, in southeastern Mexico. It's a rainforest with temperatures around 35°C and humidity levels around 90%.'



Coming from Mexico, Miguel may have some trouble adjusting at the very beginning of the HALF MDS, but he's resourceful. He managed to finish El Cruce Columbia, despite 'three days of freezing rain.' It stands to reason, then, that four days of scorching heat don't weigh very heavily on him. 'If you decide to start a race, you have to finish it,' he says. He also applies this concept to his everyday life. It doesn't take long to realise that Miguel isn't the type to take his commitments lightly. He's passing this way of life on to his children.


Miguel will stand on the start line of the HALF MDS FUERTEVENTURA as part of a team. 'I'll be taking part with my sister Paula GRACIELA BOSCH and a friend, Juan Manuel GONZALEZ.' His motto: 'You only live once, but if you make the most of it, once is enough!'