A perfect hazing

Mohamed EL MORABITY (D0032-MAR)

Although his surname is well known in the MARATHON DES SABLES (MDS) thanks to his big brother Rachid, Mohamed EL MORABITY remains, for the regulars of this desert raid, an illustrious unknown. But this status will soon change.


At 25, Mohamed, who runs since the age of 14, has indeed decided to participate in his first MDS. A participation that comes when his elder is in the process of establishing his dominance on this race. So, what made him decide to follow in the wake of Rachid, like Mohamad AHANSAL, who had followed the footsteps of his older brother Lahcen (MDS recorder with 10 titles )? "The story of the Ahansal brothers inspires us all, but I do not want to project too fast: I am here to learn and gain experience. I am still very far from the level of my brother who always gives me valuable advice, " he confides in a peremptory tone, as he would silence the rumors lending him a hidden intention to send his elder in early retirement.


Yet, in view of his results since the start of the race (he is in the top three in the overall classification at the end of the first three stages), Mohamed is now perceived as a serious candidate for the podium, Top three in the final standings. This, in itself, would be a feat. And a threat to his elder Rashid in the near future.


For the MDS, which was for a long time dominated by the Ahansal, there would be a new family saga, that of the El Morabity brothers.