Win your bib for the MDS 2022

What's the 'CHALLENGE 77'?

It's very simple: to take up the challenge, all you need to do is walk or run an average of 7 km per day for the whole month of July, i.e. a total of 217 km (7 km x 31 days).

Why all these 7s?

Because Patrick BAUER, the creator of the MDS and Race Director, has a lucky number…guess which? 😊 Good news is also that 7 km a day represents between 40 minutes and 1hr15 of effort—according to your walking or running pace—which is what the WHO recommends to stay in perfect health. So, why not kill two birds with one stone?

From 01/07/21 to 07/08/21


  • The 'CHALLENGE 77' is open to all adults. It is not necessary to have participated in a prior MDS nor to be registered for a future edition.
  • To participate, just click on the button below to report the kilometres you walked or ran during the month of July. You can declare these kilometres only once (at the beginning of August), or through several interim reports during the month of July. You can report your kilometres daily or weekly, or once in a while, as you wish. The good thing about declaring your kilometres in multiple reports is to see you progress in the performance ranking during the entire month. It's fun and motivating (but no obligation!).
  • Throughout the month, we'll follow the evolution of your kilometres on the 'MDS AT HOME' Facebook group. So, we invite you to join the's gonna be hot!
  • The reporting of kilometres is based on trust, since we know our community is trustworthy. Thanks in advance to everyone!


  • You must report your kilometres before Thursday 5 August at midnight (Paris time). Beyond that deadline, your results will not be taken into account.
  • The results will be published during the week of 9-15 August, with all participants listed next to their number of kilometres.
  • Among all the Finishers of the challenge (who have completed 217 km or more), we will make a draw during the Ultra-Trail© Fair in Chamonix at the end of August: the person drawn will win the BIB #77 for the MARATHON DES SABLES 2022! (from 25 March to 4 April)
  • The bib awarded is not transferable. If the lucky winner cannot participate, it will be offered as a prize for another draw.
  • A "consolation draw" will be made with as rewards five 'Daily BackPack 25L by MDS'! A nice consolation prize, isn't it? We look forward to seeing you in great numbers...and don't hesitate to invite your walking or running mates!

37th edition ~ From April 21st to May 1st 2023 ~ 250 km in 7 days

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