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I am a geologist currently working in Mali. I have lived in East and West Africa for over 15 years and am very grateful for how my time on this incredible continent has influenced me. The Marathon des Sables captured my imagination from the moment I read about it. I have been training for the MdS for a year. Everyone I know thinks I’m nuts for doing this but I can’t help it, the call has been heard and I will participate with all my heart. I have worked in some of the poorest countries in the world and hope to take the opportunity to raise sponsorship for some very worthwhile organizations; one for each day of the race. These charities I have listed here have been selected based on what they achieve; all these organizations have zero administration costs and are run by people who are completely dedicated; as a result they are successful but need help financially to continue. I hope to assist these projects in any way possible through my efforts with the MdS.


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Dorobo & Maziwe - Tanzania

Edmund Rice Arusha Secondary School - Tanzania

Milgis Trust- Kenya

New Vision - Mali


1. Dorobo & Maziwe – Protection of the last tribe of hunter gatherers in East Africa – Hadza land rights and land security & Pangani Marine reef protection in a very special part of the Indian Ocean.

2. Edmund Rice Arusha Secondary School – This school is a model for all other schools, regardless of the countr;y; it is a model in acceptance of different cultures and religion; known for academic excellent and a community leader in sound environmental practice. Funds received will assist in providing much needed facilities for teachers who achieve an extraordinary amount with so little.

3. Milgis Trust- The Milgis Trust has been run by a family since 2004 and has a deep understanding and love of the incredibly beautiful yet difficult terrain of Northern Kenya. The Wilgis Trust has managed to re-establish the bond between Samburu People and the wilderness, which is critical to any conservation activities. The Samburu have again become protectors of a rare and rapidly shrinking landscape; the Wilgis Trust facilitates and provides necessary assistance to ensure that the primordial forest and inhabitants receive the support required for its existence; it is a hard drought year and the Trust needs support more than ever.

4. New Vision – Mali belongs to one of the 10 poorest countries in the world (UNDP HDI) and is emerging from a difficult situation and has a hopeful future but more than ever needs support of the international community to rebuild its capacity and development in all different areas. There is a considerable amount of children with eye problems; New Vision formed to work with these children to help improve their vision and consequently enabling them to achieve their full potential.


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