Marathon des sables



STAGE 4 - 86,2 km




K 0 : Go SOUTH (course 177°). Flat terrain, small stones.

K 2,5 : Rocky hill on left side. Go SOUTH (course 182°). More stony terrain.

K 3,6 House to the right.

K 4 : Track junction. Enter EL MAHARCH pass. Sandy.

K 6,4 : End of pass. House. Go SSW (course 198°) and cross dried-out lake.

K 9,9 : End of lake. Small ascending gorge.

K 10,5 : Sandy summit. Descent then stony valley.

K 11,1 : Sandy passage through small hilly area. Go SOUTH (course 187°). Deceptive sandy rise.

K 12,3 : Go up small sandy hill for 150m. Turn right.

K 12,5 : Hills to the left. Sandy rise in MZIOUDA jebel.

K 13,2 : Summit. CAUTION! Technical descent for around 100m.

K 13,6 : CP1. Go WSW (course 242°). Sandy, slightly stony terrain.

K 16 : Hills on the left side. Progressive climb until K 17. Sandy.

K 17 : Start of ascent of MHADID AL ELAHAU jebel (13% slope). Go along the crest that looks over the 2 valleys located on each side.

K 18 : End of crest. Turn left. Sandy descent.

K 19 : End of descent. Go SW (course 235°) until K 20.2. Sandy.

K 20,2 : Hills to the left. Turn left direction SOUTH (course 180°). Sandy.

K 22,1 : CAUTION! Imperatively follow markings to stay on track and avoid crevasses. Stony becoming

increasingly sandy.

K 23,2 : Top of pass. Go SOUTH (course 175°) to reach CP2.

K 23,7 : CP2. Go WEST (course 78°) on deceptive sandy rise.

K 24,2 : Hills on left side. Go NNW (course 33°). Sandy rise until small path.

K 24,7 : Small stony path. Goes up then down.
K 24,9 End of path. Go NW (course 44°). Succession of sandy valleys until K 29.2.
K 27,5 Summit of small stony hill. Go back down over sandy terrain until gorge entrance.
K 29,2: Enter gorge. Sandy.
K 30,3 :Exit gorge. Go NE (course 42°).
K 30,8 : Hill top to the right side. Go EAST (course 90°) into sandy, stony valley. Deceptive rise.
K 35,4 : CP3.
K 36 : Rocky hill to the right.
K 37,4 :Isolated hill to the right. Go ENE (course 79°) until K 38.4.
K 37,9 :First pass between hills after deceptive rise.
K 38,4 :Second pass through hills over variably stony terrain. Continue ENE (course 69°).
K 40,5 :Third pass between hills with hill to the right. Maintain direction.
K 41,6 :Turn left into ascending sandy pass. Go NE (course 45°).
K 43,3 :Exit sandy pass. Cross RHERIS oued on course 56°. Dirt terrain, fech fech and tamarisk.
K 45,6 : Exit oued. Go NE (course 51°) until CP4. Rugged dirt terrain then more stony.
K 47,8 :CP4 before dunes. Cross dunes following course 107° until K 51.8.
K 51,1 :Exit dunes. Go up oued to the left of a small house, maintain direction on plateau. Sandy ascent.
K 51,8 :Sandy summit of LAHNOUNE jebel. Panoramic view. Sandy descent.
K 52,5 : Bank of dried-out lake. Continue keeping jebel to the left direction NE (course 53°) to reach CP5.
K 56,1 :CP5. Follow markings that avoid the highest dunes and take course 74°. Rolling sandy landscape.
K 63,8 : End of dunes. Cross oued then sandy ascent until K 64.4.
K 64,4 :Pass between hills. Maintain direction to CP6.
K 65 : CP6. Go NORTH (course 05°). Small dunes then variably stony terrain.
K 67,3 :Cross sandy oued bed.
K 68 :Hills to the right.
K 68,6 :TOUH ILH jebel on the left. Go NE (course 36°) until CP7.
K 69,9 :Succession of small, variably stony valleys.
K 75 :Cross a wide track. Maintain NE (course 36°). Rolling landscape, few stones.
K 76 :CP7. Continue until EL JDAID oued.
K 76,4 :Sandy oued bed. Turn right in general ENE direction (course 62°).
K 78,9 :Exit oued. Sand mounds and camel grass then stony plateau. Go NE (course 57°).
K 79,9 :Second area of sand mounds and camel grass.
K 80,5 :Maintain general NE direction (course 46°) over variably stony plateau. CAUTION! Follow markings carefully to avoid crevasses on the left side.
K 82,9 :Sandy summit. Go down towards oued. Go NE (course 40°) to cross OUTANOUEL oued. Several areas of mounds and camel grass.
K 84,6 :Slightly stony plateau, dunes on the right up to B4.
K 86 :Arrival at B4.

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