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Maybe that is why MDS has appealed to me

« Imagine an octopus running in the sand. That was me when I registered. » If these few words can make you smile, they are however completely truthful and come out of the mouth of Rocio ILDEMARIO (VEN), 44 years old, who lives in Dallas (USA). Manager of the Strangeways bar (reference to the Smiths) with her brother, Rocio is also a designer of her own shoe brand. Suffice to say that his days are rather busy and do not really resemble those of an accomplished athlete: « I finish work at 3 or 4am, I wake up after 9am, I train in the middle of the day. I have to taste liquors and beers, I eat at odd hours. »

But despite these strong professional constraints, Rocio could not help registering for the MDS: « This is my *very first athletic* endeavor! I never participated in sports as a child. No one in my family has been athletic, we are fortunate to be naturally in shape.  But we love adventure and challenges. I am very determined and I never give up. »

Sportingly, Rocio can count on his Pilates practice which she started three years ago and which makes her feel very strong. However, she only started running about a year ago ... after having discovered for the first time the existence of MARATHON DES SABLES in an article.  « Reading about the hot temperatures made me feel so happy and warm. » Because we must mention an incident that Rocio experienced in his youth : « In Venezuela, when I was 4, our aide-soignante set me on fire. I have third-degree burns over my body ~40%. This makes me lose more body heat than others. » 

So, like many participants in MDS, Rocio carries scars inflicted by life, but in no case does she hide them, because they are the ones that provide her with some of its energy: « I have grown up with my scars and love telling people about them. I don't hide them. They are a part of me. It's nothing to me, and everything as well. I only know to be strong and look ahead. Maybe that is why MDS has appealed to me. »


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Kristina KALLUR (SWE)

« Sand, it’s all about sand »

Julie TURCOT (D360-FRA)

“I am passionate about sports”

“I wanted to come back for the magic of the event”

Sarah GREY (D188–SWE)

“Life is a succession of experiences, and this is going to be a beautiful one”

Stéphane RICARD (D30-FRA)

Abdelaziz BAGHAZZA (D0009-MAR)


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