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Glenn Murray , Ireland

Tu edad : 33

Tu última participación : 100 kilometer

My name is Glenn Murray, I come from Dublin, Ireland. I am a former national featherweight boxing champion of Ireland, I have suffered with addiction along with mental illness such as ocd and adhd. In 2012 I left Dublin and since have traveled the globe for the past nine years, recently I have returned from living in the Cook Islands after suffering a mental breakdown. On my return home I have sought professional help, running to me is everything, the best medication is pushing your self to the limit and my dreams is to run the MARATHON DES SABLES, running makes me feel alive and helps me deal with my so called mental illness, my goal in life is to show people what you can do it you put your mind to it. I am sober three years, it’s time I take the next step in my life, running keeps me alive, it’s my therapy, and I can’t think of any better medication than running through the Sahara desert.

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To promote awareness for mental health, to give people hope, and show people what you can do if you put your mind to it. To raise awareness for addiction, as it has destroyed my whole family for decades, for fulfillment, to conquer dreams, to follow my heart, to be able to use my mind to focus and become the best possible version of my self and others around me. Our team is a part of diverse people through out Dublin, we have sailed from Norway to Dublin, went horse back throughout the country for the homeless, we have cycled around Ireland for mental health, our next adventure is jogging around Ireland and swimming around Ireland this summer. To us MARATHON DES SABLES is a life long dream, a pilgrimage that is the highest on our Bucket list.

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