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The 70 most beautiful pics of 34th MARATHON DES SABLES

The 34th MDS in 70 pics

First evening on the bivouac of the 34th MARATHON DES SABLES.

Abdelkader EL MOUAZIZ (MAR) and Antonio ALONGI (ITA) under the media helicopter of the 34th MARATHON DES SABLES.

The French Mérile ROBERT and Julien CHORIER will have to play dromedary jump.

The dog Cactus joins the peloton of runners during the first stage.

A sunset as it exists only in the heart of the desert.

Giant dunes that must be climbed.

Choose the best route to find a land.

The lead pack by a mouse hole.

More than 45 ° C in the sun during the day.

Long stage: the 50 best men and 5 best women leave three hours after the big pack, western style.

Desert Art from the sky.

Last kilometers of the long stage: soon the arrival!

Long step, in the heart of the night.

Long stage: the well deserved rest after more than 76 km of desert.

The endless stream of runners storming the dunes.

The ascent of Jebel El Otfal: the highlight of the marathon stage.

They walked on the dune.

Crossing a sandy plateau in the heart of the mists of heat.

In the arms of Patrick BAUER, Clerk of the Course, on arrival at Ouarzazate.

First cool night (less than 5 ° C) on the bivouac: those who took the decision to save weight by taking a small sleeping bag already regret.

The inseparable tea ceremony of the desert.

Start of the first stage: Morocco is at the forefront.

The very surprising Robert POPE (GBR), with an improbable look, and yet among the best.

Ragna DEBATS (NED) will be a mouthful of his opponents.

Checkpoints follow one another every 10 km, enough to cool off before heading back to the rest of the stage.

The feet: the sinews of the war on the MARATHON DES SABLES. Docs Trotters take care of each competitor.

Soon the end of the long leg for Mérile ROBERT (FRA): between relief and envy that this moment is prolonged indefinitely.

The rocky descent of Jebel El Otfal on the marathon stage.

For pure trailers, magical moment where fatigue and pain disappear.

Rachid EL MORABITY (MAR) is flying to his seventh victory.

Inauguration of the Marathon des Sables Solidarity Center with Patrick BAUER, Philippe VERDIER, MArie-Jeanne COURTIER, and the Governor of the province of Ouarzazate Adberzak EL MANSSOURI.

Some of the 240 children supported throughout the year by the Marathon des Sables Solidarity Center.

The new premises of the Solidarity Center Marathon des Sables.

Maximum solar protection for this Korean competitor.

The Moroccan people strongly support its champions, led by Rachid EL MORABITY (MAR).

Ragna DEBATS (NED), after step 3: his back is suffering from rubbing of the bag.

DEBATS (NED), imperial: dazzling victory for his first participation in MARATHON DES SABLES.

When the sand wind rises, it is better to protect your airways ...

A moment of sweetness and poetry on the bivouac of the 34th MARATHON DES SABLES.

Rachid and Mohamed EL MORABITY (MAR): two brothers who hope to do as well or better than the AHANSAL brothers.

Ragna DEBATS (NED) and Cactus the dog who has just run 192 km with the competitors of the 34th MARATHON DES SABLES.

Amy WINTERS (USA) is the first leg amputee to complete the MARATHON DES SABLES.

Impatient and frightened at once, the 783 competitors will start in two days for the 34th MARATHON DES SABLES.

Engraved in marble: it is in 2984 that Patrick BAUER, creator of MARATHON DES SABLES, crossed the Sahara in autonomy on 350 km. From there was born the legendary ordeal.

Electrocardiogram, medical check, material sheets: nothing is left to chance on the MARATHON DES SABLES.

A SPOT beacon equips each competitor: an essential security element in the heart of the desert.

Competitors as members of the staff have followed the sessions of Master Sun Fa diligently.

A first stage start opened by an electric Lapierre MTB, a novelty of this 34th MARATHON DES SABLES.

Lands and landscapes change at great speed on the course of MARATHON DES SABLES: no boredom!

A beautiful 34 formed by the 783 competitors from this 34th MARATHON DES SABLES.

As every year, the race is closed by the camel driver: if you are overtaken, you are eliminated.

Giant dunes that will have to be crossed: the task has something to amaze and frighten.

The Cactus dog poses with his Finisher medal, he will have traveled 192 km of desert in 7 days!

The wind is rising, the sand is flying, but we must go forward, whatever the cost.

A few minutes of respite under the ruins of Ba Hallou during the long stage.

With 20% of women at the start, the 34th MARATHON DES SABLES attracts women.

Aziza RAJI (MAR) hopes to follow the path traced by Touda DIDI (MAR), victorious twice on the MARATHON DES SABLES.

And 7 wins for Rachid EL MORABITY (MAR)! More than 3 to catch Lahcen AHANSAL (MAR).

Ragna DEBATS (NED) is proud of his first medal and his first victory on the MARATHON DES SABLES.

The ruins of Ba Hallou mark the mid-race of the 76 km long stage.

No matter the place on the MARATHON DES SABLES, all the competitors take care above all to cross the finish line.

Marked by the hundreds of competitors, the track of the 34th MARATHON DES SABLES is unmissable.

The bivouac at the end of the marathon stage is perhaps the most beautiful of this 34th MARATHON DES SABLES.

At sunset, the bivouac is adorned with unreal colors.

The race leader in the middle of poops on the 34th MARATHON DES SABLES.

For less experienced competitors, crossing the dunes is not a sinecure.

Amy WINTERS, USA, is the first woman to complete the MARATHON DES SABLES with a prosthetic leg.

Marathon stage, the crossing of the dreaded Jebel El Otfal.

Fixed ropes allow competitors to ride safely on Jebel El Otfal.

The course of the 34th MARATHON DES SABLES has regularly flirted with small villages.

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