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A french team for the winning of the 34th MARATHON DES SABLES

Terres d'Aventure at the top

The competition on MARATHON DES SABLES is every year fierce; Moroccan riders, led by Rachid EL MORABITY, are fiercely defending their domination of the 250km divided into six stages in the heart of the South Moroccan Sahara. But for the 34th edition of the event that will take place in April 2019, the team Terres d'Aventure consists of French Julien CHORIER, Erik CLAVERY and Merile ROBERT could well win.


Lionel HABASQUE, 58 years old, CEO of Terres d'Aventure (partner of MARATHON DES SABLES) participated for the first time in the event 8 years ago. He will be back on the 34th edition, from April 5 to 15, 2019, with the largest team ever assembled on the MDS - 40 competitors. Their goal according to Lionel: "Bring everyone to the finish, and put our three best on the podium by team and why not beat the pawn to Moroccan riders. "


And Lionel does not speak in the void, because the three best that we are talking about have the means to worry Rachid EL MORABITY, his brother Mohamed and their closest companions - Abdelkader EL MOUAZIZ, Aziz EL AKAD ... Their names: Julien CHORIER, Erik CLAVERY, Merile ROBERT.


38 years old, lives in Savoy, Team Manager of Hoka, winner of Hardrock 100 (USA) and Diagonale des Fous (Reunion Island) in 2011, newbie on MDS

The only novice on the MDS of this team Terres d'Aventure, Julien CHORIER lives in Savoy with his wife and two daughters. Manager of a Team Trail, he has been playing this high-level sport since 2006 - he was previously a high-level cyclist. If he is aware of the superiority of Moroccan riders on their own land, he has good hopes about his chances: "If I get fit, I think I can aim for a Top 5, more or less 3 places - a podium if I'm really good, and closer to the tenth place if it's not so good. And then we will run as a team with Erik and Mérile, it'll be great! Because Julien has a sense of sharing, and that is why he wants to live the MARATHON DES SABLES adventure: "What a joy to share these emotions and the beautiful values ​​of this nature sport with as many people as possible ! "


38 years old, lives in Nantes, French Champion 24 hours 2018 with more than 254 km, Trail World Champion in 2011, 5th at the MDS in 2016

Coming from a sporting family, Erik has devoted himself to several activities - cycling, triathlon, tennis, running ... - to end up devoting himself for ten years to trail running at the highest level. Trail World Champion in 2011, and very recent 24-hour French Champion, Erik remains versatile, able to climb and descend very hard on committed trails, but also to roll out a smooth and fast stride on the rolling portions. That's what got him his fifth place on the MDS in 2016, a race that he ended up very experienced: "This is the first time I'm crying at the end of a race. He had perfectly managed his effort behind the Moroccan competitors, "impregnable, it's another world", according to him. For the 34th edition, within the Terres d'Aventure team, Erik wants to "relive the exceptional moments of 2016 and share again unforgettable moments with my tent partners and those I will get to know. Sportingly, I hope to be able to weigh on the race and fight for the first places of the final ranking. That's all the harm we wish him!


47 years old, lives near Sète, project manager, 3rd at the MDS in 2018

After two attempts in 2012 and 2016 (36th and 14th), Mérile ROBERT created the surprise on the 33rd MARATHON DES SABLES finishing at a superb third place: "I wanted to make Top 10, it was 4-5 months that it was my daily motivation. I kept thinking all the time to optimize my training, my preparation, my bag. We had to deal with family life, work. In the end, the goal was largely achieved. Third place was unexpected. I really did not believe it. This performance was all the more significant as Mérile was the first Frenchman to step on the podium of the MDS since ... 2002! It was Gilles DIEHL who at the time had achieved this feat. So, encore repetita for the 34th edition? Humble and rather discreet, his temperament will match perfectly with that of his comrades of the team Terres d'Aventure Julien and Erik; no doubt this emulsion will give great results: "I love the format and conditions of the MDS race and after the result of last year, I really wanted to come back and measure myself once again to the Moroccan elite. "

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