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These few tips will help you in your search for sponsors


These may be manufacturers, retailers etc, all of whom have one factor in common, they all expect a return on their investment which you may provide in two differents ways:

Outside action:

  • to promote the product of the company,
  • to promote sales,
  • to increase exposure of the product or of the company.

Internal action:

  • to motivate company staff,
  • to make a statement on the company’s values and principles.

Ultimately, a sponsor is seeking media exposure in press and TV coverage of the event.


Before embarking on a search for a sponsor, you must create a file and for that purpose you will need to get the media in your area involved in your participation in the MARATHON DES SABLES (local newspapers, radio and TV).

Local media is always interested in «exotic adventure» stories. «Local man/woman runs 140 mile MARATHON DES SABLES»:

1. Event description:

For that you can use this information kit which clearly describes the main characteristics of the Marathon (self-sufficiency in food, miles covered, the different stages of the race, camping in the Sahara etc).

2. Media:

This section will define the media interest you have created illustrated by letters you have received from the media.

3. Sponsorship opportunities:

Details of what you are offering your sponsors before, during and after the event.


One month before the event, distribute leaflets and public notices announcing your participation in the race on which you will show your sponsors’ and media partners’ logos. Two weeks prior to the event, hold a press conference in conjunction with your media partners.


Presentation of the advertising spaces on your sports wear and equipment giving details:

  • T-shirt (front, back and sleeves) don’t forget that you’ll have a number measuring approx. 18 cm x 16 cm; one for upper part of the chest and one for the back (to be attached to the backpack),
  • shorts,
  • backpack,
  • caps, socks, small flags...
  • Transmission of fax or phone reports to your media partners and sponsors.


When you return, give your impressions and your stories to your media partners. Sponsors should be cited whenever possible. Arrange a date soon after your return to organize a «reception» where you will be able to show your slides and the equipment and clothing that you used during the race. For video projections and use of the organisation’s official photos see Art. 29

4. Budget:

This is a suggested budget that you will submit to your sponsors and which should include the following:

  • registration fees (see ART. 25),
  • equipment: 500 to 800 euros,
  • telecommunications: 200 to 300 euros,
  • misc. expenses: 200 to 300 euros.

The overall budget may be around 4 000 euros.

For teams, the name of the team will appear in every press kit and in the official rankings. You could also suggest to your sponsors that they might like to be at the finishing line to greet you or that they might invite selected clients or a small incentive group of their own sales staff.

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Good luck!



From 12 to 22 April 2024 ~ 250 km in 6 days

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