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BODYCROSS to exceed its limits!


One of the targets established by Vision 2020 (a plan to see Morocco become one of the top 20 tourist destinations by 2020) is to make Morocco a model of sustainability in the Mediterranean.

Sidi Ali

For several years, SIDI ALI, the official mineral water on MARATHON DES SABLES, has supported the event. Quite naturally, Sidi Ali is once again closely involved in this great sports adventure. With its ideal balance of natural minerals, Sidi Ali supports and brings relief to participants, helping them achieve their goal by maintaining their natural physical equilibrium.

Six pro


SIXPRO® SPORT is the natural anti-friction / restorative perfect to reduce sores and wounds due to the –friction. Providing maximum hydration and nutrition to the skin.


All participants in MARATHON DES SABLES 2019 will carry a SPOT®, Gen3 – a pocket-sized personal GPS messenger. Thanks to SPOT®, the MARATHON DES SABLES organisers will be able to follow the GPS position of all runners in real time. If a participant has a problem, such as an injury, one press of the button immediately alerts the emergency services and transmits his or her GPS coordinates so that


TV5MONDE will broadcast a daily summary (4 ') of the 32nd MARATHON DES SABLES. Summaries designed to allow spectators from all over the world to follow this adventure day by day, meet these extreme competitors from the five continents, understand their motivations and go backstage in the tests.


35th edition ~ from 02 to 12 April 2021 ~ 250 km in 7 days

Moroccan Sahara

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