Marathon des sables



“I want to cry and I want to laugh”

My name is Rickson D’souza. I am a Life Insurance advisor to High Performing Entrepreneurs.

I was formerly a morbidly obese 34 year old weighing 130 kg about 7 years ago. I underwent a Bariatric sleeve surgery to correct this weight gain and then got into fitness. I have been training for the last 7 years but only took up running about 2 years ago in preparation for the 33rd MDS last year. I did participate and I finished (676th, 49:50:04).

My motivation for running MDS this year has to do with the fact that I want to finish stronger. I want to disconnect form the world for 10 days and I want to push my body and my mind to its limits to see what comes out of it. I feel a lot of confidence knowing that if I can run across the most unhostile terrain in the world I can do anything.

Running the 33rd edition last year gave me a lot to think about. I was able to emotionally deal with a lot of things that I wasn’t able to deal with in my normal busy life. It made me feel lighter. I feel like I need an experience like this every year. Something that pushes my limits.

I’m back again this year because I have some unfinished business. I want to do the long stage alone. I want to cry and I want to laugh… I want to break down and I want to see the dark place my mind can go to.

Rickson cried, laughed, and he finished 468th in 43:13:55.

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Alexandra HEINTZ (FRA)

"To return by avoiding all the errors of beginner"

“I will be with him throughout this journey”

Frédéric GAUTHIER (D44–FRA)

“The main thing was to be at the start”

Patrick LOCQUET (D97–FRA)

“MDS is really another sport”

Yohann STUCK (D851–FRA)


"I am the lover of the desert"

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