Marathon des sables



"You have to live it to realize it."

Emergency nurse in Geneva, David SABATIER (FRA), 27, is passionate about emergency and trail running. It is therefore natural that he turned to the medicalization of trails and ultra-trails, with in 2016 the MARATHON DES SABLES. And in this context he discovered a world that is both very serious, friendly and sympathetic: "The welcome is very pleasant, we feel that the adventure is going to be great. The integration into the medical team begins well before the race, everything is running smoothly. "The tasks are very specific on MDS:" The main work remains the care of the feet. Otherwise there is also a lot of dehydration, digestive problems, and also psychological support. "

David was delighted with the relations with the competitors: “They are always delighted to see us. “ Links are created, the emulsion really takes hold, and the impression of living with the family at the end of the event, competitors and medical staff mixed, is real. "It’s very strong in emotions, we don’t experience that much in our life. "


And if before 2016, David thought "that you had to be stupid to register", the week was not over that he wanted to participate ... "I wanted to discover this adventure as a runner, to see how my body would be able to adapt to chain all these racing days. I wanted to know how far I could go. And I was not disappointed. "

So in 2017, David launched his first MARATHON DES SABLES as a competitor, and “the more the days went on, the more I felt good. I was amazed at how my body adapted. Having experienced this adventure is the most beautiful thing that I have been able to live so far. "

In David’s entourage, this participation had caused some fears, on the other hand his former colleagues of the medical staff were really happy for him. "And luckily they were there because I had a lot of blisters so everyday I went to the clinic. And then it felt good to know that at each checkpoint, I went to see heads that I knew. "

David SABATIER pieds

In 2018 David rejoined the medical team, and in 2020 he will again be on the competitive side, and this time with other "docs": "We are going to be a great and great team. "And as he noted, the MARATHON DES SABLES is above all a great human adventure, so they decided to participate in favor of the association FloEver:" The objective is to take patients suffering from leukemia so that they can participate in the accompanying stay and in the Solidarity stage with us. We have been very touched by this association because we are well placed to know that it can affect us at any time. To be able to organize this for people who thought they could never come to the desert is something very humanly rich. "

Bitten in the heart by this ordeal, David risks juggling between the two sides of the mirror, the staff and the competitors for a long time: "It is a real personal pilgrimage. We live in the middle of the desert, in an indescribable atmosphere, without parasites. You have to live it to realize it. "

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